Founders First

Helping founders build investable businesses through education, experts, and community.

doing good

Even if you aren’t raising capital, people would still want to invest in your company. That’s investability.

The tools, secrets, and an individualized masterclass approach that helps you achieve investability.

Rise To Your Potential

The FĒNX is an online community that helps entrepreneurs breakthrough to achieve their goals, and rise from the grind

Helping Connect N.C.

Aggregating investor education, awareness, and access to fellow investors and opportunities connected to NC


Community Platform

The FENX by Incolo     provides access to a community of founders, serial entrepreneurs, experts, and education to help keep founders on track and encouraged to rise from the grind.

Masterclass Coaching

Launch provides highly curated sessions to advance founders needing masterclass coaching from team incentives & health, sales, raising capital, and exit planning. Focusing on investability – even if you aren’t raising capital, people would still want to invest in you

Funding / Raising Capital

Incolo educates entrepreneurs how to go after funding, including traditional + newer private & public investment crowdfunding and syndication. To learn more about companies raising capital this way, check out NC Grind.


Incolo helps entrepreneurs build Investable businesses through education, experts, and community.

Investable” = People would want to invest money in the company even if they don’t have a round open

Incolo is helping create businesses who have a scaling impact for the communities that invest in them.


Facilitating a marketplace for our regional community to build businesses and (re)invest together.