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What’s in a name? Everything! In-co-lo was sparked in a moment of genius from 2 members of our team (not me). Incolo is Latin for “[I/to] cultivate” which is exactly what we’ve found our team to be doing for the community we love. We are cultivating communities on a massive scale so large and so broad…that sometimes it transcends our understanding.

  • People love the services and products entrepreneurs create. From the spaces people spend time with others, to the apps on our cellphones, to life saving cures, entrepreneurs are rapidly innovating meaningful solutions that impact your, my, and our friends & families everyday lives.
  • People love where they live. Why do people end up moving to a location to start a new family or new endeavor? From those I meet, it’s because of community. From greenways, to city life, to being able to meet new neighbors, create new friends, or just pass a random stranger who says welcome y’all, it’s about community.
  • People invest where they live. Broadly speaking people set up shop, they buy houses, get involved locally, and shop around town. Advisors might invest time into companies. Everyday Americans have the opportunity to put real $ dollars into local businesses to shape the community they want for their children and community.

So why does Incolo exist?…

…Simply put, to create the community we all want for generations to come.

See, it used to be that only a select few could invest locally. Now everyone can shape the community they want with the community of founders, partners, and investors creating it…coffee shop to high growth franchises & tech companies.

Incolo exists to build new startup platforms providing all founders critical access to knowledge, resources, people, capital, and talent.

Incolo exists to support the cultivation of the connection of these assets to create a community for the community, built by the community.

Incolo exists to create a world where anyone who’s willing to become uncomfortable…become vulnerable and will put in the effort, the risk, and/or the money has the opportunity to succeed within a community of entrepreneurs, neighbors, and investors creating a new world.

Founders in network are creating everything from batterytech, to spirits, to medtech devices.

Partners make sure these founders have the people and resources they need to succeed. 

Investors are now anyone who invest in a founder’s company – not just the $100k check writer, but also the $100 investor.  

Welcome to the Cultivated Community!

Now that you know. What will you create?

Will and the rest of us at Incolo