Make Capitalism Work for Communities

We’re a Public Benefit LLC on a mission to create a world where the rewards of capitalism are accessible to all. Our goal is to help 1,000 founders grow through the crowd by 2030.

Capitalism is Great…

…We make it great for communities. Since late 2019, we’ve helped 30+ founders grow their startups with those who believe in their vision. $14M+ has been raised by the founders who pursued investment with 40%+ coming from the crowd propelling their growth. Collectively, the founders’ businesses are valued at $190M+ and have created over 150 jobs.

Our Team


We rely on a curated community of advisors, entrepreneurs, investors, and other partners who help create, scale, & exit Crowd-Based ventures.

Ryan Vey=t

Lauren McCullough


Lauren’s zone of genius is defining and refining product market fit to help founders scale through revenue. At Incolo, she’s helping founders scale revenue through their crowds of investors and partners.

She also supports growth strategy for multiple businesses throughout North Carolina. In Durham, she’s the founder of Auroraflow – a wellness center reimaging the spa experience.

Ryan Vey=t

Rich Spuller

Contracted Data & Content Master

After spending just three years in corporate America as a business intelligence and analytics specialist, Rich quickly realized that the traditional employee career path was not for him.  He took a leap and ventured into the world of entrepreneurship.  What started as a simple web design and development small business in Apex, NC, has evolved into advisory and consultancy roles across a wide scope of businesses both domestically and internationally.

Rich started with Incolo as an investor in 2021 and today is grateful for the opportunity to get back to his roots a bit as data analyst and content developer for Incolo as they continue to help local startups raise capital from the crowd.

Eric Porper

Chief Strategist

From early on, Eric has focused on the possibilities presented by emerging technologies and entrepreneurship. He started his first web-based company 20 years ago helping businesses leverage internet technologies to improve efficiencies in operations and connect with consumers. After moving to Raleigh in the early 2000’s, Eric spent 12 years at Allscripts, a public healthcare software company, and is credited with helping them shift to a modern marketing approach. Over the years, he has helped many early-stage technology companies hone in on their strategy, develop traction, and raise capital.

Alexa Carlin

Speaking Coach & Personal Branding Expert

Alexa Carlin started her first business at the age of 17 led her to growing a blog that attracted the support of Mark Cuban, Steve Madden, Rebecca Minkoff, Marc Jacobs, and Shaquille O’Neal among others. She became one of the youngest female professional speakers in the country. She launched Women Empower X (WEX) in 2016 and within 3 years it attracted over 20,000 attendees at conferences and 1m virtually. She works with entrepreneurs and creators as a coach and consultant helping them increase their reach and monetize their speaking. Her mission is to make a difference in at least one persons life a day. More on Alexa, https://www.alexacarlin.com.

Will McGuire

Founder & CEO (aka Head of Disruption)

Since 2016, Will has gone from being an investor in 1 startup to being an investor-advisor in 90+ private companies from CRE, to main street, to high growth tech. He started Incolo to create a world where his children and others could fund and build companies together with anyone.

Will’s vision?
A community owned city – dirt to tower, coffee shop to aerospace – all businesses in part owned by those who call it home.

Brandon Walker

Advisor, Creator Economy + Digital Marketing

Brandon started and built the sales team at Untappd, a social media platform for beer drinkers, until the company exited to a growth equity firm in 2020. He then joined the Incolo team as Head of Growth, where he spent a year testing new go-to-market strategies and new product development to help new and existing founders within Incolo’s Founder Community scale. Now, Brandon is the CEO of BDE.media. His team helps content creators grow their reach and monetize their audiences.

Mac Lackey

Incolo Advisor & Founder of The FĒNX

Mac Lackey is an entrepreneur who has built and sold six companies. Serving most recently as Founder/CEO of KYCK (acquired by NBC Sports), Mountain Khakis (acquired by Remington), InternetSoccer Network (acquired by News Corp SKY), and various other ventures. Currently, Lackey is mentoring and supporting entrepreneurs via the programs, The FĒNX and ExitDNA. 

Ryan Vey=t

Ryan Vet

Incolo & Marketplace Advisor, Founder of boon, Inc.

Ryan Vet launched his first company, a marketing firm, Digi Tech Studio at age 14. From there he helped launch or lead a numberof venture-capital based companies before starting Boon, a streamlined way to help provide temporary staffing for healthcare organizations. Additionally, he is co-owner of The Oak House with two locations in NC.

Ryan Vey=t

Sumit Vohra

Incolo Advisor, Business Builder

Sumit is the Founder, CEO & Chief Drinking Officer at Lonerider Brewing Company which operates in over 9 states & the UK and he is Chairman of Lonerider Spirits. He’s active in the NC entrepreneur ecosystem as a startup Advisor, Angel Investor, and Board Member.  In addition to distribution, logistics and operations, Sumit has an extensive technology background

Mark Easley

Incolo Advisor, IoT Expert

Mark Easley has been an active advocate, advisor, and investor in the investment crowdfunding industry since 2012. Mark is a tech startup advisor and angel investor in the Research Triangle Park area of North Carolina. He previously had a 25 year technology career in engineering, marketing, and sales in the semiconductor industry in Silicon Valley. 

Desmond Wiggan

Desmond Wiggan

Co-Founder & CEO of BatteryXchange, Inc. & Launch Consultant

After spending 2 years in China obtaining his MBA in International Business, Desmond co-founded BatteryXchange. Desmond has almost a decade of professional experience with expertise in business development, technology, manufacturing, and international organizational management.  As the CEO of BatteryXchange, Desmond brings 1st hand knowledge of how to raise capital while building a team positioned to scale.

Jeff Dayton

Incolo Advisor, Syndicate Expert

Dayton is a seasoned senior executive, board director, board advisor, Angel Investor and leader from the Charlotte area who desires to elevate the recognition of NC’s Entrepreneurial Community. As CEO of Dayton International, Dayton is one of the world’s top executive consultants in digital transformation and modernization.