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CrowdfundNC Becomes Incolo


Today, CrowdfundNC announced a new company name, Incolo, to clarify and represent their services of providing investability readiness for entrepreneurs through Boon Launch and an online community of entrepreneurs in the The FĒNX

“Incolo continues to follow the major principles CrowdfundNC stands for: education, access, and innovation,” Anya Johnson, Incolo’s Marketing Director, described. “Incolo is a Latin word that means ‘I cultivate’, which is what we strive to do — cultivate communities of entrepreneurs, partners, and others who support their growth. The word ‘crowdfund’ tends to distract from our true purpose and provides confusion on what we do. We are not a broker-dealer, funding portal, or investment advisor. At our core, we help founders scale off product-market fit, develop compelling positioning, train on how to go after funding opportunities , and cultivate a community of partners and other entrepreneurs to help them thrive.

Incolo recently acquired Boon, which provides expertise and technology for two sided marketplaces. Will McGuire, founder and CEO of Incolo described the acquisition, “Joining efforts [with Boon] allows us to serve a very unique set of entrepreneurs aiming to create Uber-like marketplaces with products and services essential to everyone. Combined with the rise of ‘Kickstarter with equity’ investment platforms, a world exists where these founders may leverage this additional access to funding and everyday people are able to share in the potential rewards of capitalism while helping these companies grow.”

In addition to the acquisition of Boon, Incolo also joined forces with The FĒNX, an online entrepreneurial community founded by Mac Lackey to empower founders to rise to their full potential. The FĒNX stimulates entrepreneurial growth on a global scale through educational events, specialized training courses, and an open-forum to ask questions and discuss strategies for business growth. 

Incolo’s (formerly CrowdfundNC’s) website will be under construction as they finalize their rebranding. Visit www.crowdfundnc.com to learn more about the changes you can expect in the near future.