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What Are Syndicates?

Syndicates are online groups of like-minded investors and offer a variety of early-stage investment opportunities to them. These investors have the ability to join any Syndicate they’d like, participate in deals as they see fit and not in accordance with the entire Syndicate as is traditional with Venture Capital, Angel Groups, and similar vehicles.

For each deal within a Syndicate, a single fund or Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) is used to organize the investors’ capital and deploy it accordingly. Typically, each Syndicate also has a “Lead Investor” who is an experienced angel investor responsible for doing due diligence and committing a certain amount of capital to each Syndicate deal they lead.

Why Would I Join a Syndicate?

Accredited investors join Syndicates to access early-stage opportunities, to invest with like-minded people, to support founders, and to help develop their communities through capitalism. Since 2012, $8B+ has been raised this way via 750K+ unique investors and it’s only continuing to grow.

Investment commitments within Syndicates are traditionally low and aim to maximized participation for all types of accredited retail investors. Even if you join, you are not required to invest but instead, have a deal-by-deal option to do so or not. 

Where Can I Join a Syndicate?

Incolo consistently populates current regional offerings through our media partner, NC Grind, and we encourage investors to visit here to learn more about the private markets. NC Grind is a centralized provider of not only updated offering news, but with more education around Syndicates and similar opportunities. 

Scott Byron

Syndicate Growth Advisor