Incolo Helps Founders Raise Capital From The Crowd.

Crowdfunding is no longer just the alternative to venture capital or angel investors – it’s one of the best ways to fund and grow your business. Incolo helps founders launch their fundraise – from corporate governance to marketing – while providing all the secrets to a successful raise.


Incolo Investability Program

Incolo’s Investablility Program is designed for founders to ensure they have the structure, traction points, and plan for a successful crowd-based fundraising round.  The 3-month program focuses on many of the fundamentals that are key to raising capital and company growth so whether you launch your raise or not, you will be ready for any challenge that comes your way.

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What is Incolo’s Investability Program?

You want to know as a founder that even if you weren’t raising capital, people would want to invest in your startup.  That is Incolo’s definition of “Investable” and what we focus on with founders over the 3-month program.

Investability is much more than just sales numbers, it’s organization structure, growth strategies, and ensuring appropriate founder protections that many do not think about until it is too late.

During the program, Incolo provides 1:1 coaching, templates, and action based steps to help you become Investable and leverage the crowd to fund and grow your business.

Corporate Governance

Starting a company is easy. Having a structure ready for investors and growth is not.  Incolo provides education and templates for Charters, Operating Agreements, Cap Tables, and more that have been used by companies expanding their teams, growing their businesses, and raising from the crowd. We also introduce founders with attorneys, CPAs, and other counsel they will need for specific guidance for their companies.


Developing meaningful traction points towards a successful exit is not always about investment dollars in the door.  We help founders unpack how they can mobilize their crowd for their raise and beyond. We work together across key areas such as:

  • Marketing & Sales
  • Productizing Services
  • Pricing & Commission Models
Crowdfunding Raise / Testing the Waters

Founders can now collect reservations of interest up to $5M, but the focus of successful founders is leveraging the crowds to get feedback on their business, product, and valuation. During the program we will:

  • Help you craft an investment marketing plan with tactics used by successful raises
  • Provide warm introductions to national and regional Investment Crowdfunding platforms such as Wefunder, Republic, Vicinity Capital, StartEngine, and more.
  • Learn how to develop a sales and marketing plan to best position your startup story for the crowd
Leveraging & Managing your Investor Community Post Raise
During the program, we will help plan for striking while the iron is hot post raise and leverage your crowd’s eagerness to help.  We provide guidance on:
  • Minimizing investor relations administrative work
  • Maximizing leveraging the investor community
  • Mining Investor Data & Network to grow the company
Go Live With Your Raise

By this stage in the program, you will be ready to launch an investment crowdfund raise – and we will be there with you to launch and close a successful raise. Incolo’s Investability Program is designed to get you here, but even if you do not launch a raise, you will be positioned for growth, funding, and operational success.

Join Other Founders Growing Through Their Crowds

Jason Johnson, the Founder & CEO of HUBB Kitchens, created ‘co-working’ for food & drink entrepreneurs with his 1st location in Dec 2020. His investor crowd helped them land a collaboration with the REEF & RDU to create the 1st multi-faceted ghost kitchen in an airport in the country. Now his investor crowd is helping HUBB grow from 1 physical location in 2021 to 6 in 2022.

Desmond Wiggan and Co-Founder Aubrey Yeboah's startup BatteryXchange is the “Redbox of batteries” keeping you powered on the go. In 2021, they increased Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR) 500% over 2020 from connections their crowd of investors made. The crowd has also opened doors at top universities, healthcare entities, and professional sports teams.

Investability n: The ability for your business to attract investment even if you aren’t raising capital.


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