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$12M Already Raised via Reg CF in Jan 2020

The year is just kicking off and nationwide Reg CF, the exemption which allows any business to raise $1.07M per year from almost anyone is in full swing with several companies raising over $12M collectively in Jan alone.  This doesn’t even include all of the other capital also being raised via platforms from Syndication and other methods founders & investors can leverage.

Which NC companies are raising?


What’s Investment Crowdfunding?

Simply put, it’s a method thousands of entrepreneurs have leveraged to raise billions of dollars in investment capital since 2012 from both accredited and non-accredited investors.

My teammate Brinda Ramaiya and I just got back from Seed the South last week for Innovate Charlotte Week.  It was absolutely incredible.  Brinda served on 2 panels to inform entrepreneurs that they have the opportunity to raise capital via Investment Crowdfunding and let the whole community know, they have the opportunity to participate as investors for companies they love, know and trust even if they aren’t wealthy.

Our inboxes & social media DMs have been buzzing non-stop and while it can be overwhelming at times, we love it!  It’s amazing to be part of a community who wants to see alternative ways of raising capital and participating in the risks & potential rewards of Angel investing take off.  Startups impacting NC are creating incredible solutions for how we stay connected, diagnose & prevent diseases, increase access to food and in general commerce more effectively (beyond just the transaction) with each other.  I applaud the innovation and am proud to be part of such an incredible community.


So How Do We Get More Companies Funded?

We’ve been in talks with several partners across the state who support the entrepreneurial community, from Main Street businesses to potential high growth startups and everything in between.  For example, just last week, we partnered with Smashing Boxes and UNspecified to unveil UNBoxed Syndicate + Venture Studio.  As repeat business builders and investors, they aim to improve businesses’ viability from ideation to exit while also providing funding mechanisms with lower minimum investment sizes which increases opportunities for new accredited investors to participate in the UNBoxed Syndicate and investor community.  As you’d expect for this type of community, there’s no cost for investors to join and no obligation to invest.  Investors choose on a deal by deal basis when to participate, while getting a 1st look at businesses who need funding.  Beyond investment, there are plenty of opportunities for anyone in the UNBoxed community to offer other expertise and resources to the community of entrepreneurs while being equitably compensated for their work.

I’d like to share the other thing we’re working on too, but I’ll save that for a future update.

It’s back to DMs and emails for me now.  If you know an entrepreneur who needs help preparing to raise capital, we’re happy to get in the grind and support their hustle.

Signing off for now, but if you haven’t done it yet, check out the Davidson Techstars event for the weekend!


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