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Virtual Meeting Tools

Virtual Events & Video Paywall

Remo.co – awesome breakout meeting tool with multiple tables and multiple floors.  Up to 6 people can join a table and you can label tables based on topics.  The Primary main sessions are held via another tool (e.g. zoom) that can be sent in mass to the crowd in remo.

Teooh – Sims meets reality in a virtual collaborative environment with your person represented as an avatar.  See images from their site.


While Zoom can be used for virtual events (Packard Place Public House example, Register for the Packard Place Public House – Virtual Edition), there are tools specifically designed for virtual events with multiple content segments occurring in parallel and the ability to paywall video.

dacast – stream live or build a library of content and paywall it

INXPO – create virtual and hybrid events including pay-walling video


Live Streams to Facebook Live and Other Channels

StreamYard – Create professional live streams to places such as Facebook Live

dacast – stream live or build a library of content


Pop-up & Scheduled Meetings

JitsiZoom.us | Live Demo (VR meets Zoom with Spaces ) | (For Fun) Watch Neflix Together