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Physical places where founders, teams, family, and community gather to work and play.

What are Spaces?

Think of Spaces like retreat centers, but with amenities & experiences for the entrepreneurial community to get off grid from the daily grind. Spaces are a place to recharge & bond with those you’re building with, so you go back with a renewed purpose and focus.

What’s happening in Spaces now?

We started at North Cove Leisure Club. Below is a sample of what teams can explore together. This is what most entrepreneurs do, but feel free to make your own schedule.

Day 1 - Wednesday
  • Arrive around 2
  • Afternoon golf cart excursion @ North Cove
Day 2 - Thursday
  • Wake up to a sunrise & morning exercise
  • Hop on wifi to check email
  • Team sync over a round of disc golf
  • Closest to basket competition on the world record hole
  • Have lunch @ North Cove
  • Hike Linville Falls & Gorge 10 minutes away
  • Then head 5 mins down the street to Linville Falls Winery
  • Back to North Cove for team bonding – prepare dinner together
Day 3 - Friday
  • Wake up to a sunrise & morning exercise
  • Head to the caverns 5 mins away
  • Team lunch & work session @ North Cove restaurant / team meeting area
  • Friends & family join in the afternoon
  • Travel to BanksCreekBarn 10 mins out to go trout fishing, enjoy libations, and go in the waterfall
  • Grab wine at Linville Falls Winery down the street
  • Teams & Families head back to North Cove to cook trout over an open bonfire
Day 4 - Saturday
  • Sleep in (optional hike, trail run, etc. exercise for the hardcore)
  • Closing team sync e.g. we’ve experienced the ‘mountain’. Time to execute, but 1st, enjoy time with those who matter most in your life. Have a great weekend.
  • Family time in the mountains through Sunday.

Founders & teams, lead your families on the journey of life and enjoy building the next big thing together!

What do founders say about their retreat experience?

Talking to other entrepreneurs and learning about how they fundraised, exit strategies, etc. I learn a lot from hearing others stories. It is beneficial for learning and making connections.

Caleb Smith

Triangle Esports Academy

It’s important to talk about your founder experience and have people that can relate to the struggles. This is a great way to connect with people that are going through the same type of struggles you are.

Youri Nelson

Lumos Technologies

I loved being able to meet other entrepreneurs I normally wouldn’t have met. I believe in the power of community, so I attended [Beach Bleisure] to expand networks and learn from others.

Kristin N. Williams, Ph.D.

The Amalgamation

Why did Incolo Partner with North Cove’s Co-Founders?
To build a space the entrepreneurial community & families could retreat and call their own. Since we’re about community, instead of building on our own, we partner with fellow founders to build Spaces.

Who Operates & Owns Spaces?

Incolo co-operates them with fellow founders. They are in part owned by the community.  At North Cove 50+ people invested between $300 and $200,000 each to become part owners in all 157 acres.

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