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OWNER BIO: Sophia Hitchcock
Owner & Lead Producer at SOMO Studios, a video production company specializing in conversion video. Creative from the get-go, Sophia leads the charge towards conversions at SOMO Studios inspired by a love of animation and motion design, entrepreneurship, and a deep desire to positively impact the people and communities she touches. Founding SOMO Studios on 10 years of freelancing in animation, motion graphics and custom illustration and design, Sophia’s rallied a rolodex of creatives (that would make any agency owner blush) to offer customized video production services that support brands and businesses, leveraging video marketing to grow and chase down their goals.
  • Conversion video
  • Product demos
  • Event & conference videos
  • Testimonials
  • Website video/animation
Conversion video, in the simplest form, explains what you do in the fastest, most value-adding way possible. It clarifies a company, product or service, and inspires viewers to take a specific action. Your customers are craving clarity. And when clarity is compromised in service of imply getting a piece of information out into the world, what’s at stake is your profit, your bottom line…and potentially your business.
We get it: whether it’s a disjointed story or technically complex process, getting stuck in describing what you do and why you do it can be more than frustrating.
Because you can have the right resources, programs, services, or products. But if your audience doesn’t understand what’s in it for them, what they mean, and what they’re supposed to do next, you’re simply sitting on a great concept…not a conversion-savvy business.
It’s right there—in that space where your audience doesn’t understand and your concept feels too complex to communicate—that conversion videos make all the difference.
We explain your:
  • Company
  • Product
  • Service
  • Investment Opportunity
with clarity and confidence…the first time.
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