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Rocket Hangar

Scott Barstow

Rocket Hangar is a company we started about 10 years ago. We’ve worked at it part-time, full-time and no-time over the last few years.

Why Rocket Hangar?

It’s a pretty cool metaphor for what we do. We’re some of the best around at taking ideas, bringing them to reality and then preparing them for launch.

In 2011, we saw that drones were going to be an interesting new market. We built an iOS and web application that let us strap our iPhones to a drone, fly it around and get real-time geo points plotted on a map. We called it DroneOS at first, and we launched it at SXSW. We later changed the name to DroneTrack, and by the time we figured out how to do all of this the right way (without shattering our iPhone screens!), we had to shelve the idea to pursue things that actually make money. Boo!

We’ve since helped launch a consumer products company called The Story Company, worked on numerous projects that never saw the light of day, and worked to build and grow the TADHack community by building some really cool demo projects. You can check those projects out on Scott’s Github account.

Our service for crowdfunders starts with:

  • Technology Product Review of initial product specification, initial development plan, and evaluation of development team for $500

For more information, please visit Rocket Hanger