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Joe Procopio

Intrepid Media is a consulting partner, specializing in product, technology, operations, and marketing. We build relationships with the companies we work with, embedding our experienced team into your enterprise to help build your product and grow your company.

Use us as you need us, to get from Point A to Point B. We’re trusted. We’re experienced. We’re lean. We work hands-on with your team, defining clear starting points, goals, and deliverables.

We specialize in four areas:
Product, Technology, Operations, Marketing & Sales

We perform three functions:
Define, Build, and Scale

We act on three levels:
Strategy, Management, and Resourcing

We have experience with dozens of clients, including startups like BoostSuite, WedPics, and RevBoss.


Our crowdfunding service starts with:

  • Initial consultation and guidance on building your product and growing your company for $500

For more information please visit Intrepid Media