Evolve Your Business

We are experienced professionals providing business mentoring programs to entrepreneurs who want to evolve their ideas into success.

The one constant a startup or small business faces is change. The evolution of a business never stops and it is impossible to anticipate all challenges. All new and established companies are in constant flux and must adapt to the demands of the market, technology, and resources.

Business men and women overcome flux by leveraging the wisdom of others. Even Warren Buffet had a business mentor, Benjamin Graham. Having a mentor is not a shortcut by any means, but your goals will be more clearly defined and within reach.

EntreDot is a non-profit organization that offers young businesses more than simple how to’s. Our mentoring, entrepreneurial education program, and resources are in place to help you grow the economy and create jobs. You come out of the program with the systems you need to be successful. Get started with Entredot.

Our crowdfunding services include:

  • Consultation and guidance on creating your business plan presentation ($500)
  • Business creation and mentoring program (“Six Steps to Success”, $300/month)
  • Consultation and guidance on financing your business ($500)

For more information please contact Bill Warner by email: [email protected]