Patent Attorney Review and Advice for Your Provisional Patent
$360 for up to two hours

A patent is an enforceable right to prevent your competitors from using your invention, such as your innovative method of doing business.  Therefore, it can be a huge competitive advantage that would make your business more attractive to investors.

Of course, there are many restrictions on what can be patented. For example, you cannot patent an invention you publicly disclosed more than a year before you filed for the patent. Therefore, knowing how to quickly file a provisional patent application before pitching your business and its inventive methods is a critical skill for all aspiring entrepreneurs. It is relatively easy to file a provisional patent application yourself:

Three Steps to Do It Yourself Patent Pending

However, if this is your first time, it is best to have a patent attorney review your application and advise you. This is because there are certain legal requirements that your provisional patent application must meet if you want to be able to use its filing date as the filing date for a subsequent non-provisional “real” patent application. In other words, if your provisional patent application is defective, you might as well have not filed it at all.

This two-hour session will not only focus on fixing any problems with your provisional patent application, it will teach you why these were problems so you will be able to draft better provisional patent applications for your future innovations.

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