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Alliance of Women in Tech Leadership

The Alliance of Women in Tech Leadership is comprised of strong successful women executives that are in technology, pharma, biotech, and healthcare.  Through our passion, enthusiasm, talent, innovation, and success, Women in Tech Leadership support, mentor, recruit, and empower each other. We share best practices, marketing and sales strategies, tools and vendors, talent management tips, and provide referrals. We support one another during trials and transitions, through coaching, collaboration, and resources. When we have other women leadership role models we can better envision our own career paths and success.
Members include executives from Bandwidth, Charles and Colvard, Devada, Digital Turbine, Dude Solutions, Duke, Fidelity Labs, FM Systems, FoodlogiQ, IBM, iContact, IQVIA, Lenovo, Lexis Nexis, LogMeIn, Oracle, Pearson, Pendo, Phononic, Prometheus, Real Magic, Redhat, RiOT,  RTI, SAS, Sensus, Smashing Boxes, Solar Winds, SugarCRM, Syncfusion, Ziff-Davis, and Zift Solutions.LinkedIn