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Our Community Does Good Simply by Scaling Great Businesses

We reduce $ fees in exchange for equity in ventures we support.  10% of our company’s equity is reserved for community return on investment (ROI)

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Every Valuation Increase Accelerates Potential Impact

Our company, individual entrepreneurs & others Voluntarily Gift Equity

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Scaling Businesses to Scale Impact through Venture-Grade Returns

Exit events create distributions for Shareholders & our Community Equity Reserve for needs the Community Votes are Most Important


Equity Stake We Charge for Our Services


Target Annual ROI for Ventures We Work With

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Value* of Our Community Equity Reserve as of May 1, 2020


Will you join the community?

We are Investors, Ventures, and Venture Builders who work together to scale our companies.
In return for building great businesses doing what we love, when shareholders win, our community wins.


Regionally based private ventures open for investment for as little as $100 to non-accredited investors and $1000 for accredited.




Scale your idea or business with experienced entrepreneurs & investment within the Venture Building network that spans the region.



Venture Builders

Apply to join our curated group of venture builders who get in-the-grind with entrepreneurs to attract and retain talent & investment in our region.