Launch provides highly curated sessions to advance founders needing masterclass coaching from team incentives & health, sales, raising capital, and exit planning.

Are You Investable?


Investability = even if you weren’t raising capital, people would want to invest in your company.

As founders, we know you are efficiently working to grow your business.  It’s hard to manage multiple areas of your business and even harder to quickly identify gaps or how to fill them.  As fellow business builders, we also understand the challenges navigating the various options for capital such as bank loans, Angel Funding, VCs, and newer public investment raises.

“Launch” provides you information and guidance to effectively prepare and decide how your team will fill capital needs, including options to grow off revenue. Our partner network and team offers your company the flexibility and guidance to develop a funding strategy that meets your goals. Our team of advisors and consultants have diverse and deep expertise.  We work with “Main Street” to “Wall Street” businesses across multiple industry verticals.  Our network gets in the grind with your team so you are confident in funding options that align with your Vision, Mission and Values.


Working with Incolo’s Launch program helped us out immensely as we went through this investment crowdfunding process. From the  prep work to execution throughout the raise they were by our side each step of the way.  Incolo was a huge part of our success during this raise.

Desmond Wiggan Jr, CEO & Co-Founder, BatteryXchange




What Can You (A Founder) Expect?



  • Identification of compelling business considerations to your business model, collateral and positioning with an aim to maximize your revenue and/or raise dollars
  • Access to our entrepreneur community The FĒNX and partners to fill gaps and support investability.
  • Access to Incolo team & partners to continue business growth post raise


Program Focus Areas

We set up regular meetings and plan and manage a timeline of activities throughout the launch process.

  • Access to Live Founder & Ask Me Anything sessions within the The FĒNX
  • What is your compelling story to sales channel partners?  to investors?
  • Are you targeting the right investors?
  • What in your investment campaign would cause an investor to pause?
  • Beyond money, how do you leverage your investor base to accelerator growth?
  • Where are their opportunities to grow off revenue and traditional funding sources (ie. SBA, traditional angels/groups, grants)?


We provide guidance and feedback on the following key areas of your business

  • Financials: Do the use of funds, financial projections (aka “proforma”) align with your company’s objectives and key results
  • Marketing: campaign marketing, video, company profile, target investor audience
  • Messaging: positioning within pitch deck creation, traction points, your solution description and why.


We’re connected to a large partner network with resources within and outside North Carolina to support community awareness of your business, any public raise campaign, and connect you to other groups that you may need for scaling support.


Engagement Overview

  • Founders hate being cattle herded: We meet with your team to discuss and evaluate your needs, goals and current state.  To date on average we’ve spent 2 hours with every founding team providing upfront value to ensure a mutual right fit before any engagement.  You’re are in control and self-select into Launch if its a mutual right fit.  If we’re not a good fit, we’ll direct you to partners who may be a better fit.  Your time is valuable.  Ours is too.  For this level of engagement, there has to be mutual alignment.
  • Targeted Follow Up: We set up additional time to further review materials and gather feedback. We invite to particular masterclasses, partner sessions, founder groups that are exclusive to founders in Launch.
  • Campaign:  We co-identify a timeline and plan based on founder goals. Additional meetings and reviews of guides and collateral for the funding traction point the business wants to hit. We’ve had more founders go through Launch and grow off (partner) sales channels than raise capital.  Founders often find they have options they didn’t realize.  When they raise, we help generate awareness and access to their campaign.
  • Post Launch Review & Support: Continue to receive cultivated connections and resources through The FĒNX and our partner network.

Want to learn more?  Contact william [ at ] incolo.io.