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180 Float Spa is locally owned and operated in Boone, NC. At 180 Float Spa you will experience zero gravity in a sensory controlled environment, encouraging the mind and body to connect, heal and find relief through float therapy.

180 Float Spa raised $21,000 in 8 months

The Residences at the Albemarle Hotel is a real estate redevelopment project in the heart of Stanly county. We’re pursuing a local market opportunity while reclaiming and protecting the history of Albemarle for future generations to enjoy. 

The Residences at the Albemarle Hotel raised 414% of its goal in 1 month.

BatteryXchange is a rental platform for portable batteries that supplies the power you need to live life charged. Pick one up at a mobile charging kiosk, and return to whichever kiosk is most convenient, even if you’re on the move.

BatteryXchange raised 132% of its goal in 10 months.

Biotech Restorations is an environmental remediation company that utilizes an exclusively licensed biological bacterial formulary to naturally remediate soil contaminate materials known to be harmful to humans and the environment.

Biotech Restorations raised 286% of its goal in 4 months.

BLAZnTECH introduced the world’s first and only Motorized Weapons Cleaning System, a pocket-sized power tool that manages to quickly and effectively (without any disassembly) clean the most commonly used rifles and handguns.

BLAZnTECH raised 619% of its goal in 12 months.

Boon leverages technology to match temporary staffing to an assignment that provides a better work relationship and in turn, higher quality care.

Boon raised 207% of its goal in 4 months.

Darklin Wars is breaking the pay-to-play model by creating a game that is familiar to experienced players in terms of basic mechanics, but is very rich and deep. Providing them with a player-centric experience that no other MMORTS current does. 

Darklin Wars raised 120% of its goal in 6 months.

Franny’s Farmacy is producing some of the best quality products in the industry. By controlling every step of the process from seed to shelf, Franny’s ensures that every customer enjoys a safe, natural, self-regulated CBD experience.

Franny’s Farmacy raised 2790% of its goal in 15 months.

Located in Mooresville, NC, Ghostface Brewing recognizes that different beers are suited for different people. 

Ghostface reached their maximum funding amount with 13 days left in the round.

“Kill Giggles” is a story, a screenplay, and soon to be a feature film like no other. Tommy dos Santos wasn’t born a psychopath, really, nor was he made into a sociopath, per se. He walked a path that will run red with the blood of the foulest most fiendishly frightening creatures ever conceived by man – CLOWNS.

Kill Giggles raised 212% of its funding goal in 5 months.

Macro Snacks are macronutrient balanced, plant-based protein snacks designed to help you reach your health goals. They’ve created tasty snacks in the flavors you love, optimized with complex carbs and healthy fats. The gluten-free, NON-Gmo, vegan and kosher snacks contain essential macronutrients that allow you to indulge while getting the nutrition you need.

Macro Snacks raised 634% of its funding goal in 4 months.

Ovanova is a free service that organizations and causes use to raise funds by raising solar awareness within their community of supporters.

Ovanova raised 238% of its funding goal in 3 months.

QuirkChat is a social video and collaboration platform for geeks and hobbyists that emphasizes community moderation and community building.

Quirktastic raised 168% of its funding goal in 3 months.

The Residences at Diamond Ridge is an apartment complex located just 1.25 miles from downtown Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Although the complex is fully leased, there is an opportunity to renovate and add long-term value to the property by doing significant interior and exterior renovations and increasing rents to market levels. 

The Residences at Diamond Ridge raised 1192% of its goal in 4 months.

Soteria’s mission is simple: prevent car accidents; save lives. The purpose of creating the Safe Driving System is to offer parents and other users technology that can eliminate up to 86% of car accidents from ever happening.

Soteria raised 340% of its goal in 5 months.

SWIPEBY is a technology platform that empowers businesses to drive off-premise sales and connect with customers. SWIPEBY gives customers direct access to their favorite local restaurants through easy mobile ordering and convenient curbside pickup.

SWIPEBY raised 1340% of its goal in 3 months.

Over the past nine years, Wehrloom has grown from a walkout basement into a manufacturing facility and retail store that harvests and package honey, produces a full line of skincare products, beeswax candles, and is a “winery” focusing on mead.

Wehrloom raised 340% of its goal in 7 months.

When a little girl is found after going missing, only her older brother recognizes the evil force that has returned in her place.

Where’s Rose raised 194% of its goal in 6 months.