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Our partners share one unified mission: Create 100,000 Angel Investors. 

We aim to create upward mobility for families & communities through our actions. Angel Investor Education. Founder support. Cross collaboration. All of these are vital to the journey of building and investing.

For 15+ years, countless B2B & B2C startup founders across NC have grown revenues through Barfield Revenue Consulting’s focus on talent acquisition & consulting practices aimed at revenue generation. The Barfields provide investors access to local opportunities through Unboxed Syndicate, while sharing vital strategies to approach product/market fit, sales enablement, hiring revenue-impacting talent, and more with the founders supported by partners.

Will Barfield

Amy Barfield

Incolo helps entrepreneurs build Investable businesses through education, experts, and community. Masterclass Coaching (boon) and a Community Platform (The FĒNX) help create businesses who have a scaling impact for the communities that invest in them. Incolo is the primary site operator of NC Grind.

William McGuire

Anya Johnson

Eric Porper

Innovate Capital founders, Benji Jones and Jim Verdonik, are experienced advisors in several billion dollars of public and private capital-raising, M&A, and technology license transactions for a wide range of clients from start-ups to public companies to venture capital funds.

Benji Jones

Jim Verdonik

Mountain BizWorks provides business loans and coaching to emerging and established small businesses in Western North Carolina (WNC). Their community loan program provides access to invest as little as $1K.  In addition, their Mountain Raise Events provide access for individuals to see what WNC businesses have investment offerings open.

Moriah Heaney

Chris Grasinger

Pitch Space facilitates the connection between startups and growth companies and investors in the private equity markets. Hosting demo days and networking events, they leverage the connections to bring investors and founders together.

Peter Marsh

Andrea Howell

Adrian Smith

SotoIP is a Strategic Intellectual Property Advisory and Patent Prosecution firm headquartered in North Carolina USA, specializing in serving startup and emerging growth companies throughout the United States, as well as international startups entering the U.S. National Stage.

John Sotomayor

Krissa Johnson-Sotomayor