The My-Sales Manager Program offers scalable sales management and sales-force optimization services that are designed for the start-up business that is bootstrapping and/or crowdfunding. Our services are designed to scale with you as you grow. This is the most cost-effective way to implement an effective sales program for your new business.
In the early stages of a company’s development, the entrepreneur themselves will play many roles including sales and sales management. These roles and their activities are often the least favorites of most entrepreneurs however they are the most crucial. If managed properly these activities can infuse revenue, lay a foundation for future growth and ramp a company faster than any other activity.
Sales Consulting/Coaching for Entrepreneur provides the tools, structure, and support to help our clients accomplish more. We help you identify goals and create milestones for the business in order to realize results. Coaching and consulting help you identify how to maximize your efforts and gain the most ROI. We guide you while building upon your own core strengths, which translates into sales success. Understanding your individual style and work preferences allow for the development of a clear sales strategy that is tailored to the individual business owner and the markets you are developing. Start coaching with us today to grow at a more rapid pace and make the journey less strenuous.
(Meet weekly for 90 minutes) $500.00 per month

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