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My name is Kevin Swan. I’m a financial advisor and the founder of ECN Legacy Advisors. I have over 25 years of experience in the industry and a plethora of letters beside my name that probably do not mean a whole lot to you. Those letters represent which tests I passed and which designations I earned, but what they don’t tell you is how fiercely committed I am to help each client who walks through my doors.


If there is a set of letters to pay attention to, it is the 3 I used to name this firm. These letters represent the first initials of my 3 children; Ethan, Carly and Nolan. My children and my lovely wife, Paige are my inspiration and strongly influence how I live my personal and professional life. When you walk through the doors of ECN, you become an extension of my family, and you will be treated just as that.

At ECN we understand the complexities of planning for an uncertain future and the emotional roller coaster that involves. Through our uniquely designed “Legacy Wealth Process”, we will embark on a journey towards peace of mind and financial stability.

Together, we will:

  1. Gather information so we can analyze your financial situation and understand your aspirations.
  2. Create your plan, determining suitable strategies and options
  3. Implement your plan, which involves agreeing on the course of action and the timetable
  4. Review your plan, allowing us to assess how well we are meeting your present needs and how we can meet your future needs


You may have seen this process before, but the behind the scenes action is what makes us unique. To deliver an all-encompassing wealth advisory service means using a 30,000 ft view to help us land the plane. We will look at your tax returns, wills & trusts, retirement accounts, student loans, home and auto insurance, etc., but then we will go a step beyond. Not only do we act as your wealth advisor, but the quarterback of your family’s or your business’ financial team. As the quarterback of your team, we must call the plays that will allow us to win. However, this is only possible with the help of wide receivers, running backs and offensive line men. In non- football speak, these are your CPAs, attorneys, stockbrokers and any other entity involved in maintaining the financial wellness of your team. As quarterback, we communicate with each of these team members to ensure we are on the same page of the playbook and have the best chance of scoring a touchdown each drive.

The practice I built rests strongly on the foundations of integrity, extreme ownership & a fervent belief in building a forever relationship with clients. Financial advising is an experience and a process, never a transaction. With this in mind, your dreams, the opportunities you seek, the problems you face & the concerns that keep you up at night, become a part of me and allow us to achieve and conquer together. Step by step, I will provide you with insights and strategies necessary to reach your dreams. At the end of the process, whenever that may come, my only wish is that you love your legacy and sleep well all night.


Kevin Swan 919.792.1830 or by email at [email protected]