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Welcome to the Moose. We’re a smart, imaginative creative agency that has a special place in our hearts for startups. We’ve been there, we know the challenges and the pitfalls; the fear and anxiety that accompanies a leap of faith. We also know money’s tight. Our mission is to cost-effectively develop the creative and marketing tools you need to run a successful crowdfunding campaign in North Carolina. Just bring a good idea to the table. We have years of creative and marketing experience with both established and startup companies. Your success is our success.


This package is for, well, the basics. At a minimum, you’ll need written content and a campaign page to get started on crowdfunding. Nothing is more successful at driving people to action than a good story, and telling stories is what we do. We’ll work with you to strategize an effective marketing plan and write a compelling crowdfunding pitch for your campaign page.

What we’ll do:

  • One hour consultation with the Moose Team to strategize your marketing plan
  • Review and edit your business plan to emphasize benefit-driven statements for potential investors
  • Create high-level messaging content for your campaign page
  • Assist in optimizing the layout of your campaign page (Includes header image & thumbnail design)
  • The Moose will review existing social media outlets & suggest improvements in addition to a one hour coaching session advising the best social media tools & tactics for crowdfunding promotion

See our website for additional crowdfunding marketing packages. For more information please contact Jesse Hall at Chartreuse Moose.