Oct 11th – 14th

⸻ Friends Hang Out

Founders & Founder Allies

Pop-in for a Day or Overnight

Founders learn how to raise capital.
Founder Allies – learn to create better ecosystems for founders


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Scale companies and life with fellow founders & allies

Community is the #1 key to personal development & business growth. You’ll be surrounded by incredible people and hope you’ll meet lifelong friends.

Quick Facts

Free food

Meet amazing people West & East Coast

$0 fee

Tell us you're coming by Sept 29th

Who is this for?

Founders & Allies who want to hang together. If you’re building a company or helping a founder community, we’re excited to have you.

Why do this?

Intentional space to get away from the grind. The mutual recharge, learning, and community built offsite, can only be achieved via AR (Actual Reality) IRL.

Who’s organizing?

Founders and allies building the future together. Collectively we’ve helped raise $100’s millions, built audiences of millions, supported communities of founders, personally invested in 100’s of startups, and are building startups now.

What will you learn?

How to raise capital – traditional, crowd, and more. Revenue Ops with ambassadors.  How to make amazing food, play disc golf, fish, find the best places to hike in Linville Falls, and perhaps even how to build a zipline!


Upscale luxury Stout tents, AirBnBs, and a hotel are available. In any case, there’s space to sleep comfortably and plenty of bathrooms & showers. Golf carts are the preferred method of travel on site.


Our team’s vision for the event is to provide space for dialogue on startups, financing, building community. No speakers. No panels. No pitches unless asked. How can we help each other be successful while having lots of fun in the mountains together.

Justin Renfro (Host)

Is Justin coming just for the disc golf?… probably, but we’re sure he still likes some of those he invited.

When Justin’s not helping founders raise capital on Wefunder, he’s playing disc golf and booking 1,000’s of charters in SD.

Jonny Price (Host)

Jonny‘s title is an understatement. He’s the Master of Banter. Watching him and Justin go back and forth in person is going to be worth the trip alone.

When he’s not helping founders build partnerships for scale, he’s training up world class athletes

Lauren McCullough (Host)

Lauren is the Co-founder & CEO of Tromml – an eCommerce insights solution for auto parts sellers where she and the co-founder bootstrapped the company to revenue and is now in Techstars

She’s also the Co-founder of Auroraflow – a spa in Durham, NC where they reached profitability in their 3rd month and were just awarded “Best New Business” in Durham County.

Josh Terry (Host)

Josh is a creator with over 1.3m followers which he mobilized as part of him becoming Co-Founder & Head of Marketing, BitVault – a successful bitcoin mining operation fueled by $643k raised from a crowd of nearly 1.2k investors.

Josh is also a writer, coach & adviser who runs a workshop focused on self development.

What’s the next company Josh is building with the crowd? Come to find out.

Will McGuire (Host)

Will‘s kind of boring, but we decided he should be part of this anyway, especially since he invited us.

When he’s not hanging out with his 3 kids, wife, and puppy dog, he’s building Incolo and helping founders grow their startups.

At North Cove, he enjoys building ziplines with his 10 year old son.

Kristin N. Williams, PhD

Dr. Kristin N Williams is the founder and CEO of The Amalgamation, a Raleigh-grown national ecosystem of small disadvantaged businesses working together to overcome the common hurdles in government contracting and foster equitable partnerships. She’s an advocate for small business success, disadvantaged business empowerment, and public procurement reform.



Do I qualify?

This is for startup founders and founder allies e.g. those who lead accelerators or in general support multiple founders

What does this cost?

It’s free

Do I have to give up a piece of my company?

No, 0% equity.

What food & drink is included?

We’ll have food and snacks available at the house and for attendees to take to their Stout Tents. Other food & drink is on attendees to purchase as they wish.

Is travel included?

No. You’ll have to figure out how to get to & from North Cove. However, we’ll pair up to travel to and from excursion spots.

Will I be able to park?


What type of bed will I sleep on?

If you’re staying in the house, you might be in a single bed, bunk bed, or feel free to bring your hammock. You’re not guaranteed the master bedroom.

If you’re staying in a Stout tent and have us book it for you, you’ll be in a single bed with another retreater in your tent with their own single bed. You can book your own tent through North Cove directly and choose to have a queen bed if you prefer.

Check out those incredible mountain views. If you expect to be pampered, this is not the trip for you. 🙂

Will there be 'work' sessions?

50% fun; 50% work

The team & other attendees will facilitate group & breakout sessions on various topics. Sessions might be in the house, during a round of disc golf, around the fire, or many other locations

All present are encouraged to lead topics during break time throughout the day.

We expect this mutual learning to be the most valuable time of the entire trip. We hope that you make friends that continue to support each other well past this retreat.

What will we eat?

Food prepared by fellow founders. Let us know your preferences and any allergies.

If you want to purchase food, Matt, Birdie’s Chef @ North Cove often cooks up BBQ, burgers, sandwiches, vegetarian, gluten free options, and more.

If you have any food allergies, please let us know.

I have questions. Are you human?

I hope so, unless we’ve been replaced by AI (AI did not write this 😉). Shoot justin@wefunder or [email protected] an email and our AI… we mean, we as humans will reply.

About Incolo

We’re like an accelerator meets a venture studio and had a baby. Startups in our community-owned public benefit company are valued at $150m+ and over half of the investment fueling them has come from the crowd.

We’re on a mission to create a world where the rewards of capitalism are accessible to all and have a goal to help 1,000 founders fund & scale through the crowd by 2030.

About Wefunder

We’re like Kickstarter for investing. As of 8/25/2023, we’ve funded 1,415 companies with $624,952,177. Our companies have gone on to raise over $2 billion in venture capital.

We’re a Public Benefit Corporation with a mission to keep the American dream alive. Our goal is to help 20,000 founders get off the ground by 2029.