Sept 28th – Oct 1, 2023

⸻ Creator Founder X

12 Creators & Founders | 4 Days | 2 Goals

Scale business & fuel life

Connect, Fund, Scale. Creators learn how to monetize their audiences. Founders learn how to grow their startups and raise capital with Creators.

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Scale companies and life with fellow founders & creators

We believe being part of a community is the #1 key to personal development & business growth. You’ll be surrounded by incredible people and hope you’ll meet lifelong friends. You might even meet your next teammate.

Quick Facts

Food & recreation in Linville Falls for 4 days

Meet amazing people

0% equity fee

Apply by August 25th

Who is this for?

Creators & Founders on the brink of a growth inflection point. You’re a creator who craves collaboration and want to monetize your audience. You’re a founder who can’t wait to get your product or service in front of thousands or millions of new people.

Why are we doing this?

We’ve seen firsthand the rapid acceleration of growth that comes from creators & founders growing companies together. However, relationships take time – something few creators & founders have. We couldn’t find an opportunity our region that provided this type of event – so we created it.

Who is organizing this?

Creators & founders like you. We’re collectively a team of creators & founders from various startups. Some we’re working on together and some with others. We’ve raised millions of dollars, built audiences of millions, personally invested in 100’s of startups, and are building startups now.

What will you learn?

How to raise capital – traditional, crowd, and more. Revenue Ops with ambassadors. Content creation. Partnering creators / influencers / founders together to fund & scale startups.  How to make amazing food, play disc golf, fish, find the best places to hike in Linville Falls, and perhaps even how to build a zipline!

How it Works

Submit your application

Not sure you’re a fit? Just apply.

We’ll interview applicants

We’ll carefully interview each creator & founder who applies

We’ll decide on September 8th

We’ll select 12 creators & founders who we think can help each other the most

Make friends with creators & founders in one of the coolest outdoor areas in the USA

We’ll work hard, eat together, and enjoy all the mountains offer together


You’ll have the opportunity to stay in a house or camp in upscale luxury Stout tents. In either case, there’s space to sleep comfortably and plenty of bathrooms & showers. Golf carts are the preferred method of travel on site.


Our team’s vision for the event is to have one of the most badass getaways for creators & founders looking to grow personally, scale their companies together, and make lifelong friends. No speakers. No panels. No pitches unless asked. Just share your experience and have lots of fun in the mountains together.

Josh Terry

Josh Terry Plays

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Josh is a creator with over 1.3m followers which he mobilized as part of him becoming Co-Founder & Head of Marketing, BitVault – a successful bitcoin mining operation fueled by $643k raised from a crowd of nearly 1.2k investors.

Josh is also a writer, coach & adviser who runs a workshop focused on self development.

What’s the next company Josh is building with the crowd? Come to find out.

Lauren McCullough

Tromml & Aurora Flow

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Lauren is the Co-founder & CEO of Tromml – an eCommerce insights solution for auto parts sellers.

She’s also the Co-founder of Auroraflow – a spa in Durham, NC.

What’s Lauren’s zone of genius? RevenueOps

At Tromml, she & the co-founder bootstrapped the company to revenue and is now in Techstars

At Auroraflow, they reached profitability in their 3rd month and were just awarded “Best New Business” in Durham County.

Will McGuire


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Will is Founder & CEO of Incolo whose Founder Community in 2022 raised 36% of all Investment Crowdfunding successfully closed by startups out of its HQ state, North Carolina.

Personally, he’s invested in 90 startups from breweries to space tech. His vision for the future is a community built from the ground up via a community of individuals who invest to bring it to life. Will lives in Holly Springs with his wife and kids.

What do others say?

Talking to other entrepreneurs and learning about how they fundraised, exit strategies, etc. I learn a lot from hearing others stories. It is beneficial for learning and making connections.

Caleb Smith

Triangle Esports Academy

It’s important to talk about your founder experience and have people that can relate to the struggles. This is a great way to connect with people that are going through the same type of struggles you are.

Youri Nelson

Lumos Technologies

I loved being able to meet other entrepreneurs I normally wouldn’t have met. I believe in the power of community, so I attended [Beach Bleisure] to expand networks and learn from others.

Kristin N. Williams, Ph.D.

The Amalgamation


Do I qualify?

This is for creators & founders who want to learn how to fund, grow, and monetize their audiences together. Whether you’ve done that before or not, there’s a lot to learn from each other.

As a creator, is my audience relevant?

Any topic. What’s important to those present on the retreat is to share how audiences are built, past experience (good and bad) on trying to partner with business owners, and mutual learning of how to make the next partnership, the right one that fits your goals.

As a founder, what kind of businesses is this for?

Any business – restaurant to space tech – who wants to learn how to partner with creators in long-term, especially co-founder type relationships to grow business together.

What does this cost?

$500 per person if you are accepted. If you want us to book housing for you, it’s $750 total if you’re fine sharing a room or luxury Stout tent. Since North Cove is part of Incolo Spaces, we are able to provide creator & founder friendly pricing.

Do I have to give up a piece of my company?

No, 0% equity.

What is included in the fee?

We’ll pay for meals together (e.g. food we prep together, some meals at Birdie’s, North Cove’s bar & restaurant). You won’t go hungry. Disc golf as well as excursions we take as a group are covered.

Travel to and from the property is not included, but we’ll partner up for transport to and from excursions.

Alcohol is not included due to various ABC rules, but you are welcome to bring your own or purchase it from various places we’ll visit.

Is travel included?

No. You’ll have to figure out how to get to & from North Cove. However, we’ll pair up to travel to and from excursion spots.

Will I be able to park?


What type of bed will I sleep on?

If you’re staying in the house, you might be in a single bed, bunk bed, or feel free to bring your hammock. You’re not guaranteed the master bedroom.

If you’re staying in a Stout tent and have us book it for you, you’ll be in a single bed with another retreater in your tent with their own single bed. You can book your own tent through North Cove directly and choose to have a queen bed if you prefer.

Check out those incredible mountain views. If you expect to be pampered, this is not the trip for you. 🙂

What’s the interview like?

You’ll have 15 minutes over zoom or Google Meet.

How will sessions work?

The team & other attendees will facilitate group & breakout sessions on various topics such as

– bringing on & raising capital with creators e.g. BitVault, NYCE
– B2B & B2C revenue ops through a creator’s crowd & investor crowds
– and more

Fellow creators & founders are encouraged to lead topics too during break time throughout the day.

We expect this mutual learning to be the most valuable time of the entire trip. We hope that you make friends that continue to support each other well past this trip.

What will we eat?

Food prepared by fellow founders, food at Birdie’s (BBQ, burgers, sandwiches, vegetarian, etc.), fish, and more.

If you have any food allergies, please let us know.

I have questions. Are you human?

I hope so, unless we’ve been replaced by AI (AI did not write this 😉). Shoot us an email at [email protected]  and our AI …umm… we mean humans will get back to you.

Apply Now

Application Deadline

Friday, August 25, 2023

Results Delivered By

Friday, September 8, 2023

Arrive at North Cove

Thursday afternoon Sept 28

About Incolo

We’re like an accelerator meets a venture studio and had a baby. Startups in our community-owned public benefit company are valued at $150m+ and over half of the investment fueling them has come from the crowd.

We’re on a mission to create a world where the rewards of capitalism are accessible to all and have a goal to help 1,000 founders fund & scale through the crowd by 2030.